Read How Acupuncture Has Helped Others

I feel so lucky to have found Ali! I was referred to her with such enthusiasm from another one of her clients and no surprise I am beyond impressed. I came to her for migraine management and she has simultaneously treated other issues I didn’t intend on addressing in this realm. She takes such a holistic approach and is so thoughtful in her work with each client. She really personalizes each treatment and tries different modalities. She does such a good job explaining everything she’s doing and is so accommodating. I highly recommend her!!
— 25, Migraines, Anxiety, Endometriosis
I’ve been coming to Yintuition weekly since January 2018 for acupuncture treatment specifically for fertility. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for almost 18 months. During that time, I underwent three rounds of IUI and one round of IVF. We were preparing to go through a second round of IVF when we found out we had naturally conceived! The main difference between the first round and during our time ‘off’ was was my weekly visits with Lea White at Yintuition. Lea is amazing! On each visit, we’d spend the first few minutes talking about how I was feeling, what was going on with my visits to my fertility specialist and then she’d proceed with our session. It was also great having Lea as another resource/outlet to talk about what I was going through. I am so happy with my decision to have chosen Yintuition for my acupuncture treatment. I highly recommend this practice and Lea!
— 36, Fertility
When I came in to see Ali, I’d been dealing with prodromal labor for 3 weeks, not only is it physically exhausting but mentally as well. After our first appointment, I left feeling wonderfully relaxed and empowered. She even sent me home with acupressure tacks so I could continue our work. That night I had the best night sleep I’ve had in a long time and woke up feeling refreshed like I could actually handle the rest of my pregnancy. Thank you so much for your guidance and expertise Ali!
— Pregnancy Support & Labor Induction
My 17 year old daughter and I both went to Dr. Ali today...she for lower back pain and me for upper back and shoulder pain. I have suffered for a year and in one session, I feel so much better already! We did acupuncture, cupping and massage. Ali took her time with each of us and gave us advice for behavioral and diet changes we could practice at home. She is so knowledgeable and kind in her approach. We will be going back weekly and I look forward to getting Dr. Ali’s help for other issues as well! I highly highly recommend her.
— 51, Back & Shoulder Pain
I am really seeing a difference with the cosmetic acupuncture treatments! My cheeks are plumper, my forehead is smoother, and my jawline is noticeably lifted. After every appointment I feel more refreshed and confident…and so relaxed. I love the facial massage at the end of the treatment too.
— 61, Stress, Facial Rejuvenation
I have seen Dr. Ali for about 6 treatments now. Her approach is magical! I have suffered with anxiety/depression and digestion issues for years now. She did a thorough consult and went into my diet and how everything runs hand in hand. She is no pushy and gives you advice. You can tell that she truly cares. Things I would normally get anxiety about, I do and don’t even think about it. My symptoms have lessened tremendously. I HIGHLY recommend!
— 25, Anxiety, Depression, Digestive Issues
Ali is so knowledgable and personable. She’s always more than willing to explain exactly what she’s doing and the philosophy behind it. I’ve done cupping twice with Ali and both times she’s done a wonderful job and I feel instant relief in my back. I enjoy getting massages but cupping gives me more and longer relief in my back from tough workouts (especially boxing). I highly recommend her!!
— 27, Muscle tension, Back pain
When I came to Dr. Ali I had recently had spinal fusion surgery. Since the surgery I had been constantly bloated and irregular. I was dealing with the constant back pain and was walking with a cane for balance. My neck, left shoulder, left arm and hand were in pain. The neurosurgeon at Tufts said the MRI indicated I had similar problems in my neck and would require surgery.
With consistent acupuncture treatments with Dr. Ali the bloating subsided and the arm pain diminished. The numbness in my fingers was also improving. The surgeon at Tufts agreed that the neck surgery could be put on hold because the symptoms had improved. I now have complete feeling in my hand and can button my shirt, which I struggled with before. Today I only use the cane occasionally and no longer struggle with the back pain.
It’s difficult to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Ali. She has made such an impact on my life both physically and emotionally.
— 67, Back & Neck Pain, Digestive Issues
Ali is an amazing acupuncturist. Having been a professional dancer for a decade I’ve done some serious damage to my body, especially my feet! I was really nervous to try acupuncture, since I’m a baby with needles. But Ali made me feel so comfortable and she explained everything step by step. I’m continuing a weekly regime with her and have seen some amazing results; less back pain, and less foot cramps. Next stop...cupping!
— 30, Back Pain
My experience with claustrophobia was getting progressively worse as I got older, that closed-in sensation, unable to ride in an elevator, the ‘open’ MRI just not open enough, even the dentist hovering overhead was just too close. I’d tried anti-anxiety meds, even hypnosis, but the claustrophobia continued to escalate, limiting what I could do or even tolerate.
Acupuncture was something I was trying for chronic shoulder pain but a few sessions with Dr. Ali and talking about other issues, she said claustrophobia could be treated with acupuncture. As the shoulder improved we focused more attention on the anxiety. I was skeptical but willing to try anything.
I first noticed the improvement when I flew to South Carolina without experiencing any anxiety on the plane. I was even able to go zip-lining with my sons, which I could never have done without Dr. Ali and her acupuncture treatments. Most recently with my dad in the hospital, I found myself riding the elevators with others and experiencing no anxiety. I highly recommend trying acupuncture to alleviate the anxiety of claustrophobia - it has worked for me.
— 55, Anxiety & Claustrophobia
After more than fifteen years of chronic pain, fatigue, and other symptoms related to fibromyalgia and lupus, I was still suffering through with pain medication offering little relief.
A friend recommended acupuncture. I was lucky to find Dr. Alexandra Vander Baan. Dr. Ali was very thorough; she addressed not only my symptoms but also the quality of my life, my diet, and how chronic illness impacts my sleep and coping. Dr. Ali is very kind, knowledgeable and empathetic. I appreciate her holistic approach to my care. She recommended an anti-inflammatory diet, stress relief, and tailors my treatment plan based on how I’m feeling.
I am now 30 pounds lighter, I have increased energy and improvement in my sleep. Though not pain free, it is now manageable and I rarely have to take additional pain medications. Dr. Ali has given me hope and I no longer allow the symptoms of chronic disease dictate my life.
— - 55, Fibromyalgia, Lupus
I was nervous about going in for my first treatment for anxiety/trouble sleeping, but Ali is so calming and explained everything she was doing. She made me feel totally at ease. I left feeling so relaxed and slept better than I had in weeks. Looking forward to my next treatment!
— 30, Stress & Anxiety