Offering customized treatment plans to reclaim balance and achieve vibrant health.  

As partners in your health, we will guide and empower you to take an active role in the pursuit of your unique health goals. 

Feeling exhausted? anxious? depressed? Struggling with digestive issues or overwhelmed by stress? Suffering from headaches or body pain? Having difficulty trying to conceive? 

 At Yintuition Wellness we understand the unique obstacles to optimal health that women and men experience.  We will work collaboratively with you to identify your unique underlying imbalances that are causing your symptoms and develop a customized treatment plan including acupuncture and lifestyle medicine to restore balance, reclaim vibrant health, enhance fertility, and support healthy pregnancies and new life. 

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I have seen Dr. Ali for about 6 treatments now. Her approach is magical! I have suffered with anxiety/depression and digestion issues for years now. She did a thorough consult and went into my diet and how everything runs hand in hand. She is no pushy and gives you advice. You can tell that she truly cares. Things I would normally get anxiety about, I do and don’t even think about it. My symptoms have lessened tremendously. I HIGHLY recommend!
— 25, Anxiety, Depression, Digestive Issues
My 17 year old daughter and I both went to Dr. Ali today...she for lower back pain and me for upper back and shoulder pain. I have suffered for a year and in one session, I feel so much better already! We did acupuncture, cupping and massage. Ali took her time with each of us and gave us advice for behavioral and diet changes we could practice at home. She is so knowledgeable and kind in her approach. We will be going back weekly and I look forward to getting Dr. Ali’s help for other issues as well! I highly highly recommend her.
— 51, Back & Shoulder Pain